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After the initial wave of Covid-19 lockdowns subsided in India, retail businesses had a difficult time recovering. That’s when Zodiac,
a leader in men’s fine clothing and accessories found itself at
a crossroads as brands considered a post-pandemic landscape. 

Although it maintained a functional online shop, most of Zodiac’s sales still came from retail stores. The brand wanted to change this and sought Reprise Commerce’s help. 

Our challenge was to transform Zodiac’s website into its primary point of sale and, ultimately, its biggest retail store. 

Identifying Challenges 

As a first step, we conducted audits on Zodiac’s website to uncover the areas of improvement. 

We discovered that user journeys and payment gateways were faulty; Zodiac’s online store wasn’t supported by search engine optimization (SEO); shipments were routinely delayed for at least two weeks; marketing funds were tapped to bombard prospective customers, and users were not clicking below the first scroll. 


Nothing less than a total revamp was in order, and Reprise Commerce quickly got to work. 

Finding Solutions 

Once the eCommerce platform was thoroughly refurbished, Zodiac 2.0 was proudly unveiled to online shoppers worldwide. 

Now infused with our Flow design, which allows for a seamless customer journey, Zodiac’s improvements included optimized pages, restructured content, and a streamlined navigation menu. 

With Add to Cart increased by 115%, revenues up 40%, and a reduced delivery time, Zodiac’s results in 2021 reimagined the brand, which first began serving the public in the 1950s. 

How else did Reprise Commerce improve Zodiac’s website? And what other results show it’s on the right track?

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