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#StandWithPride - LGBTQ community video

IPG + Humsafar Trust

On September 6th, 2018 the Supreme Court repealed
Section 377, finally decriminalizing homosexuality and

in turn giving freedom to millions.

It may be the 73rd year of Independence Day for India,
for the LGBTQ community in India, it's the "first real

Independence Day".

The Humsafar Trust, founded in 1994, released a video

to mark the special occasion. The video features activists,

filmmakers, writers, and entrepreneurs. It ends with the words #StandWithPride, in tri-colour hues. 

Screened in 250 Movie Theaters.

Unbelievable print and digital media support.

Zero paid promotion.

Over 30 million INR media earned in 3 days.

A community accepted and a nation united
in one anthem.

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