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CRISIL, India’s leading credit rating agency. Publishes hundreds of ratings, reports and press releases every day. Unfortunately, finding anything on their website was a difficult and time consuming – a serious issue for a website that sees over ____ visitors a month.

Brief: We had to make the site live up to the brand and do whatever it took to make Crisil’s position as a market leader undisputable.

Simplified navigation and intelligently structured content for easy access.

We completely transformed the way they showcased data. A minimalistic approach with icons gave users an ease in understanding, they didn’t have before.

The average time spent on the site increased 35% 

The bounce rate dropped from 40.18%  to 34.78%.

With the new website, Crisil proved that being a thought leader doesn’t come from having everything to say. But rather, showing clarity of thought by saying just enough.

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